WHy Choose Us?

We don’t want to waste words talking ourselves up.  We’d rather spend our time discussing what you need and how we can deliver.

So just quickly, here’s how we’ve hit the nail on the head for the hundreds of farmers and homeowners who’ve used Kodesign Building Services:

  • Job done on-time and on-budget.  No hidden costs or surprises.
  • One-stop-shop for all your building.  From dairy sheds and farm development to new homes, renovations and baches, we do it all. Find out more at (what  we do)
  • No cookie-cutter solutions.  Kodesign Building Services will tailor the project to the way you farm or the lifestyle you want from your home.
  • Personalised service.  You’ll become part of a family business with 30 years building experience.
  • Project management that suits you.  Let Kodesign Building Services coordinate everything so you can get on with your own business and life.  Or we can be completely hands off, leaving it to you and our great tradies to get the job done.
  • Future-proof dairying.  Kodesign Building Services can design your farm projects to be one step ahead of changing technology, farm systems and regulatory requirements.
  • Top tradies and sub-contractors.  Guys who know what they are doing and take pride in their work.
  • Happy clients.  The best reasons to choose Kodesign Building Services come from the people we work for.  See what they have to say (our projects)
  •  The industry rates us.  We’re too busy building to chase awards, but we seem to have been given them anyway.  There are more than 29 Master Builders Awards in the office somewhere…

    Don't just take our word for it see below to hear what our clients have to say about us.

DAIRY FARMERS, HAWERAJeremey and Rachael Moore

We’ve been on this farm from about eight years, working a 40-bale rotary for the last six.  But it was taking too long to get the cows through.  We milk a lot of cows and we wanted to be in and out in a couple of hours – the new shed has certainly achieved that.

I heard about Kodesign through my neighbour Barney.  Didn’t know Rocky, but he had a cool name so thought I’d better ring him. He came right out, and took me to a couple of Kodesign sheds up round the coast and to one of PKW’s big operations.

Then Rocky took the ideas I already had and we measured up the yard and did the blueprint together.  He had some great suggestions from Kodesign’s experience with large scale sheds which have quite a different set – up.  Lots of Taranaki builders aren’t exposed to that like Kodesign is.

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Over the 25 years we’ve expanded our farm from 210 to 600 cows and increased the landholding up to 200 hectares.  But we were still milking in the original shed built by my Dad in 1968.  It was well and truly time for a new shed on a better position on the farm.

We’ve gone from two herringbone sheds to one fully automated rotary.  The efficiency gains have been huge.  The farm is easier to operate now the shed is in the right spot for the cow flow.  We spend less time milking and the cows will be out feeding quicker.  Plus a good shed helps us attract and retain better staff.

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