We're experienced Project Managers- letting our experts run the job means less hassle for you and a smooth run through to completion. But we know that some renovation and house building clients want to be more hands-on so we're happy to step back and leave it to you and our great tradies to get the job done, if that's what you want.



Farmers - Jeremy and Rachael, Hawera

"People don’t realise what a big job it is to build a shed when you’re still running your farm and your business.  It was great to have Kodesign organise everything.  I remember the day when Rocky turned up with 19 concrete guys… I woke up at 4am and looked across at the yard.  The lights were on and all these guys were out there just pounding the wet cement."  Jeremy and Rachael, Hawera

Kodesign Building Services has worked with enough farmers to know that time is money.  Construction dramas are a distraction from important farm work.  And delayed finish dates mean lost production.

So Kodesign Building Services provides a full project management service to our farm clients at no extra cost.

We will coordinate the various sub-trades to work as a team so we meet our agreed finish date.  And our regular site meetings will keep you informed about what is happening on the job.  Ben Hawke is the overall foreman for all our farm projects. 
You can ring him day (or night).



Renovation - Lynette and Bill, New Plymouth

"With both of us working there was no time to manage a big renovation.  The Kodesign foreman would pop in each morning to check things with us and apart from that he did it all.  We trusted Kodesign entirely and they didn’t let us down." Lynette and Bill, New Plymouth

Many of our clients are busy people, running businesses and families at the same time as building or renovating their homes. 

Our experienced project managers can remove the stress and hassle by taking care of every aspect of the job, while keeping you fully informed and consulted about all the major decisions.

But maybe you want to be more involved?  You’re an organised person, keen on overseeing the detail of the building process and passionate about your home. 

Kodesign Building Services is happy to contract teams of builders and subbies to work directly with you